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My research question

I have finally finished my 3700 word literature review. I have reviewed the research thoroughly and now have a question, as well as firm reasons for exploring it. Here’s what I came up with…

The situation around LGB teachers and their experiences presents a lack of equality. There is a gap in the literature, with minimal research focusing primarily on lesbian primary school teachers in Australia. The direction of this research project will investigate the lived experiences of lesbian-identifying primary school teachers. The objective of this study will be to explore the lived experiences of these teachers to determine the extent to which they choose to be visible (or not), their reasons underpinning this, what (if any) identity management strategies they use and why, including to better appreciate if there are any differences in experiences between public schools and private schools. As such, the research question that will guide this work is as follows: What are the lived experiences of lesbian-identifying primary school teachers, and what school-environment factors influence these? It is hoped that by adding to the knowledge base, more awareness will be formed, and anti-homophobic policies and affirmations will become more widespread.

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