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Hi there! I’m RJ Miles and I would like to welcome you to my blog.

I published a picture book in a dialogue narrative style that aims to explain IVF and IUI with donor sperm to children in families where there are two mums. This became my passionate project when I personally started the IVF journey in mid-2016 with my wife. The book is called One in Many Millions. 

I noticed that there were a number of appealing and well-written picture books to explain IVF to children in the clinic I visited and I bought all of them. I also found some titles in a big retailer here in Australia that broached puberty and regular conception. I bought these books, too. But I felt that something was missing from the bookshelf – a book that is especially for children with two mums that not only explains and celebrates their family, but how they came to be with each aspect explained in age-appropriate detail. I felt that these children deserve access to their truth as any child does and what better way to normalise a child’s truth than to portray it in a picture book?

This got me thinking and reflecting on the words of Harmony Korine, one of my favourite film makers; that if something you deeply desire doesn’t exist in the world, whether it be an image, a story, or a song, then you should feel compelled to create it. That is exactly what I did.

In the meantime, I am continuing to work in my classroom during the daylight hours and as such, I am preparing for the term ahead. I plan to regularly update this blog to share book news, relevant book reviews, and other topical anecdotes that I feel are of interest to relationships and sexuality education.

Life is busy, but it’s amazing. Thanks for stopping by. 

RJ Miles 


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  1. Hi, I am part of the team organising the ANZICA fertility counsellors professional development day on Saturday 30th March 2019 at the Gold Coast. Kate Bourne (VARTA) just contacted me to say you might be interested in presenting at the day? I always recommend your book to my clients 🙂 What would you like to address in your presentation? We have presenters on the fertility journey’s impact on sexuality, fertility and IT (Skype etc from the counsellors viewpoint), working in isoation, using DNA to track donors and diblings, and resilience. So its a lovely program and I am thinking it would be great to have you present too! And of course you would be welcome to bring along your books for counsellors to possibly purchase. warm regards, Tracey

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